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3 things that can go wrong at your next event

1/ Keynote speakers and/or performers not turning up

Having a keynote speaker, headline band or performer not showing up to an event can cause dramas throughout the event. Ensure that you have a clause in their contract giving you as much notice as possible and we recommend from a logistics perspective, looking after their transport to and from the event. This ensures that they arrive on time and you can keep track of their journey to the venue and be there to meet them when they arrive. Having a back-up option is always a good idea.

2/ Technical Difficulty/Failure

Having a microphone not working when the major sponsor is speaking or not having a presentation open for a keynote speaker can be a disaster at an event, therefore you need to ensure you are working with a professional AV crew. Having a sound check and rehearsal is vital to the success of an event. We recommend not streaming presentations from the Internet and always giving the exact formats that are compatible, to ensure there are no mistakes on the day.

3/ Inadequate staff on hand

It always pays to have more staff on hand than you think you need, as the last thing you need is to spread yourself too thin on the day of the event. Having an extra set of hands at the registration desk, serving cocktails and canapés on arrival, working behind the scenes with the venue and suppliers, these are all parts of the event that can be handled by casual event freelancers. Don’t let all of your hard work be let down by not having enough people to help you execute your vision.

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